Our Story

From a very young age our founder, Chef Eliana Campos Berry, had a passion. She loved decorating cookies and wanted to share the happiness she felt when making cookies with those around her. She worked hard, and tried many different recipes while looking for the most delicious cookie that she could then decorate with beautiful designs.


Now her passion is no longer just a dream; she and her family spread happiness when people experience their Hand Decorated Cookies.

"Decorating cookies is an art, a way to feel happiness and express love to my family and friends.

Sharing this joy with the whole world is my dream."

- Eliana Campos Berry 

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What Makes Us Unique?

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Anatomy of a Decocookie


Quality & Certifications

We work with the highest quality procedures to obtain the Perfect Taste and Texture found in all our cookies.

Because we care about the safety of all our customers, each DecoCookie is produced in a tree nut and peanut-free facility governed by strict quality policies that also apply to our collaborators and vendors.


To further ensure quality, we randomly test our bakery for the presence of peanuts and other nuts by using environmental testing swabs. The swabs utilize highly specific antibodies to detect peanut proteins that may cause allergic reactions to prone people. We want to advise our customers that our cookies do contain some allergens, so please keep this in mind when enjoying DecoCookies.

Our Cookies contain: Wheat, Milk, Egg and Soy


We Proudly Serve

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