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What Makes DecoCookies Different?

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Thanks to the unique talents and determination of our team members, we are able to bake and decorate 70,000+ DecoCookies daily!

From our quality ingredients to our unique and delightful decorations, we are committed to bringing you an unforgettable cookie experience!

We have 15+ years of experience in mastering the art of baking and decorating cookies.​

We started with family and continue to grow as a family, united by our dream of sharing happiness throughout the world.​

We love what we do! We bake with care because we are passionate about the memorable moments that DecoCookies help create.

Thanks to the unique talents and determination of our team members, we are able to bake and decorate 70,000+ DecoCookies daily!

From our quality ingredients to our unique and delightful 

decorations, we are committed to bringing you an 

unforgettable cookie experience!

We are leaders in creativity and innovation, which means we can make an endless variety of cookies and creations!


Our Story

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Comilla Der.png

DecoCookies founder Chef Eliana Campos Berry

It all began when Eliana Campos Berry, a mother-of-three with a knack for baking, decided to make cookies and cakes for her young children. She hoped these treats might bring a little homemade happiness to their long days at school. Little did she know, she had walked into the adventure of a lifetime.

The entire school fell in love with Eliana’s pastries, so she converted her little home kitchen into a bakery. Fueled by passion and love, Eliana worked tirelessly to bake little bites of homemade happiness into the hearts of her family and community.

Eliana's beloved homegrown bakery became so popular that she couldn't keep up with all the orders. Eliana realized that her humble passion was something much greater than she ever imagined. From that moment forward, Eliana envisioned herself opening a bakery that could make her heartfelt home creations by the thousands.  

It was an uphill journey, but Eliana was fiercely determined to make it to the top. Over the next eighteen years, she devoted herself to baking the best cookies and pastries that anyone could buy. She perfected her recipes, earned herself the title of chef, opened a baking facility, and enlisted the help of her son along the way. 

Chef Eliana posing with her cakes at an exhibition in the early 2000s

As production grew, Chef Eliana innovated new ways to decorate thousands of batches of cookies the way she always had: by hand. Eventually, Chef Eliana and her son discovered that they had reinvented the decorated cookie. They refocused their bakery on her decorated cookies, and DecoCookies was born. 

Today, thanks to Chef Eliana’s relentless passion, creativity, innovation, and determination, DecoCookies is the largest hand decorated cookie company in the world.

Chef Eliana teaching her grandson how to decorate cookies

As we grow, so do Chef Eliana’s dreams. Her delicious decorated cookies continue to put smiles on thousands of faces every day. Whether we are a humble home kitchen run by one mother, or a bakery with hundreds of helping hands, it is always our passion to spread happiness through Chef Eliana’s lovingly hand decorated cookies. At DecoCookies, we are one family with one simple dream:

Baking You Happy